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 Yoga at The Yoga Cottage makes me feel happy, calm and relaxed. The stretches loosen my muscles and I get less angry and become more happy. I like the fun games and the nice instructor Shannon.

Max, Age 8

I like that The Yoga Cottage is close to home and I have found classes are adjusted to make sure I get what I need; whether it is to de-stress, energize or to laugh, Shannon always makes it happen! I always leave feeling great and happy I found the time for myself. Thanks Shannon and The Yoga Cottage.   


Looking for a place to help with your overall good health, THE YOGA COTTAGE is the place to go. Shannon will adjust the program for your specific needs. It's fun and beneficial. If you're a senior like me, join us Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m.


Great studio! Great intimate, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere!

Would highly recommend for all levels as the instructor is very skilled

at tailoring to individual fitness levels.


Great place to go, great instructor enjoyed it very much. Everyone should try it.


Awesome place, great instructor, wonderful atmosphere!!!!!


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