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Kids Class 1 Hour Class

Ages 6-10

Kids yoga is great for all children and they can all be successful in it. Yoga is inclusive and allows children to participate at their own level. There are so many benefits yoga for kids has to offer

 * it develops strength, flexibility and coordination

* improves focus

* builds self esteem

* releases stress

* builds communication and social skills

* And it's fun!

Every class will be basic pose and mindful movement, breathing activities, share circles and many cooperative learning games and activities. These activities develop character, creativity, positive social interaction, emotional balance and body awareness.

Teen Class 1 Hour Class

Ages 11-17

Teen classes are all about promoting a positive attitude toward physical activity, building self esteem, focus and concentration, as well as improving strength, flexibility, body awareness and neuromuscular coordination.

With teens busy lives, yoga will help with relieving overall stress, help to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and a positive image of themselves in an environment that's supportive and non-competitive.

Adult Classes 1 Hour Class


Adult classes will consist of:

Beginner and Flex and Flow

Beginner is a 1 hour total body workout appropriate for most healthy beginners of any age. Most poses and flow series will have modifications for those who need it. This is a great class to learn the basic elements if you are new to yoga. You don't have to be a beginner to benefit from these classes. These are made for everyone.

Flex and Flow is a 1 hour intermediate level workout that fuses strength training with total body stretching. "Flex" refers to isometric holds in poses aimed at strengthening and toning the major muscle groups. "Flow" refers to a smooth and fluid series of poses that acts to counterbalance the extensive muscle contracting. this workout alternates flex with flow together giving your body challenge and release.

Parent/Child Class 1 Hour Class

Ages 6+

This class will be similar to the kids yoga in format but will also provide the parent with a yoga workout and a chance to connect with their child and relieve stress together, while moving, playing yoga inspired games and sharing circles. You will get to see your child flourish and spend some great uninterrupted fun quality time with your child.

55 + Yoga 1 hour Class

Yoga for seniors is a gentle class incorporating a range of exercises to improve strength, flexibility and overall mobility. This class will combine a series of stretching and breathing exercises designed to improve alignment and generate a sense of relaxation to refresh, energize, improve posture and overall sense of well being. In these classes we use props and chairs to keep everyone safe and supported..

There are many benefits to starting a yoga practice at anytime, but here we will

  • decrease back, neck and shoulder pain
  • relieve stress
  • learn balance skills to prevent falls
  • ease joint pain
  • increase strength and flexibility
  • improve heart health
  • Increase joint mobility

No experience is required and as always everyone is welcome

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