Everyday May not be good, but there is good in every day

Posted on May 1, 2017 at 6:25 PM

Well hello there TYC blog tribe. I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve missed some of your beautiful faces in class lately. I know life gets busy, but I do hope that you are taking some time for yourself even in the busiest of times. However let’s be honest....probably not, right? So right now, I’d like to take a moment here with you to just simply breathe. Ready...(close those beautiful eyes of yours) take a nice slow deep inhale in through the nose....then exhale slowly. Keep breathing In.... and the out for 5 long deep breathes.

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If you don't feel like closing the eyes, look here and breathe with the shape

Better? Sometimes just a few simple breath’s can help us relax and remind ourselves that we are just 1 person probably doing way to much and there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to ourselves. Remember if you are feeling stressed and/or overloaded, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help (something most of us never do because we obnoxiously feel like we have to do everything) or taking a few extra minutes to just simply breath and gather ourselves. You are just 1 person, not 5 and definatly not a machine. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by constantly being at your limit. Your breath is always with you patiently waiting in the wings to help you out, you just have to remember it’s there.

So, moving along, I would like to let you all know due to low number’s I’ve decided to postpone the YogaDance class until the end of June/beginning of July. Most seem pretty unclear as to what the class is so over the next little bit I will be shooting a quick video showing you exactly what it is. So keep your eyes open and check the website and Facebook page for it :)

Also, over the next few weeks I will be adding all the past recipes to the photo section, done on a recipe card which can easily be saved or printed so you don’t have to scroll through past blogs searching. They will all be in 1 easy location. ‘Bout time right? haha

Hey! While you’re there, feel free to stop at the testimonial page and leave some comments about the studio and what yoga has done for you. You can also leave comments at the end of every blog on the website and on Facebook. This is where I ask for your help. I need you guys so I can improve and be better for you!

Well on to pose of the month. This month I’m choosing more than just 1 pose. This will be a small sequence of poses for first thing in the morning. And best part? It’s all done in bed, before you even get up! Glorious right? Morning Yoga Love right here.

Ok so let’s start off with lying in bed on our back. Inhale and bring the knees up to the chest, Exhale and lightly hug them in closer. Rest here for a few deep breathes (3-5) Inhale release the knees and exhale slowly lower your knees to the right for supine spinal twist (place a pillow under the knees for added comfort) rest here for a few deep breathes (3-5) Inhale and slowly bring the knees back up to center and then exhale slowly lower the the knees over to the left side (again use a pillow for comfort if needed) Relax here for 3-5 breathes. Inhale and bring the knees back to center and exhale hug the knees closer to the chest for another 3-5 breathes (feel free to rock lightly and slowly from side to side). When ready relax the feet down and push yourself up into Easy seated pose (reminder: sit tall) with hands lightly resting in the lap or resting on the knees. Take 3 deep breathes and on the 3rd exhale lower your chin to chest and roll the head slowly side to side for 3 breathes, Inhale bring the head back up to center reach up through the crown and exhale lean the head the head back. Inhale bring the head back to center and straighten the legs out in front of you (don’t rush her just take your time and breath) When ready Inhale and sweep the arm up over your head and exhale forward, (hinging from the hips and leading with the chest) into seated forward fold and relax with 3-5 deep breathes (you can use a pillow and place it on your lap for extra comfort and rest the head) Inhale back up resting the hands lightly on the legs and sit quietly and just breathe. Take note of the body. Try running a mental scan from top of the all the way down to the tips of the toes. The 2 nice big deep breathes and lightly blink the eyes open. Now go conquer the day!! This really is a nice way to start the day and I hope you add it into your morning routine.

Speaking of morning wake up routines... How many of us run to the coffee maker first thing in the morning? I myself don’t drink coffee, but I do love a big mug of tea, and always head to the kettle first thing.

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I do try and change it up here and there and I know in my heart that my first drink should be something else. So here I’m going to start a May Challenge and I hope you jump on board with me as the lists of benefits is Ah-mazing!!!

I give you........ warm Lemon Water

Warm Lemon Water Goodness

My challenge is this....Instead of having coffee or tea first thing, make this beautiful cup of joy first, then have your coffee after if you feel you need it. But let’s do this every single morning for the whole month of May. I promise, your body will reward you by the end of the month. Not sure what this little cup daily can do for you? Why on earth would I ever challenge you to drink this every day? It’s just a simple cup of warm water with lemon in it. Well....let’s just go through the list then shall we? It’s long so bare with me.

Alkalizes the body

Asthma treatment

Balances blood sugar levels

Balances pH levels

Brain food

Caffeine Replacement


Dissolves phlegm

Fights cancer cells

Heart food

Helps hydrate our lymphatic system

Helps treat constipation

Improves digestive health

Improves eye sight

Improves Immune system

Increases metabolism & promotes weight loss

Keeps body hydrated

Kills free radicals

Lowers high blood pressure

Lowers stress levels

Prevents bad breath

Radiant skin

Reduces uric acid & inflammation

Treats/Prevents kidney stones

UTI prevention

Your liver will love you

I know right? It’s a pretty impressive list! All that from a simple warm cup of water and the juice from an organic lemon. You’re probably sitting there right now asking yourself why don’t I drink this every day already? I know...I hang my head every time I go over this list and think exactly that.

Need to add a hint of sweetness to make it a bit more palatable for you. Add a bit of honey to it and add these extra benefits to the list

Helps to clear acne

Clears chest congestion

Acts as a natural diuretic

Low calorie energy drink

Fights infection

Cleans intestines

Clears throat infection

And gives your skin a healthy glow

Ya...So I’m thinking this challenge might not be so hard to convince you to try. The hardest part of this is making it your first drink of the day. But trust me, 30 days of this and you’ll love the outcome.

So for this challenge please make sure the water is hot-warm and the first drink of the day. You are also not limited to only 1 warm mug a day either ;)

Why hot-warm water? well here’s why

Warm water soothes the blood vessels and allows better hydration. It helps move the fats along reducing risks of clogged arteries and allows better digestion. It also helps to flush the kidneys and improves bowel movement.

coffee animated GIF

So are you ready to give it a shot? Join me in this challenge and keep me posted on how you’re feeling, any changes you notice, whatever you feel let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Even a selfie with some mug love would be awesome!!

And with that, I will see you in class and until then remember to ‘Spread some yoga love with who you love’

Shannon xoxoxo

Throw it everywhere!!!



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