Hello Summer!

Posted on June 29, 2016 at 5:50 PM

Happy July everybody! I know everyone is ready for summer. I know I am, and I’m kickin’ it off in PEI with the kiddo. Actually, I’m on my way there as you read this! Crazy, but awesome and the downtime is much needed. The month of June was so busy here that I’m looking forward to taking on this challenge I spoke of last month. What?..... Did you think I forgot! Not likely haha not this one. I need this one and I’m sure you probably do too. We are going to help each other this month and motivate one another as much as possible. So if you aren’t on the Facebook page yet, please join us there or even on Instagram.

Ok..... so here’s the challenge... Meditation! Oh man... I did not just say that right? LOL it’s such a daunting word. Even I kinda freak out a bit just writing it. However, the thought of metal clarity and a quiet, calm mind even for just 5 minuets is just so appealing, isn’t it? So... baby steps it is. I will struggle with this just as much as you, maybe more who knows, so don’t feel alone. So as I said, baby steps. 5 minuets will be our goal and who knows maybe some of you will surpass that by the end of the month! This will be a much different process for each and every one of us, and some of us will progress faster than others which is great and we will cheer them on and NOT get competitive. This is truly something where we are going to have to just LET GO.

Now let’s think of a couple things that can helps us get through this as relaxing as possible, and make this something we look forward too. So let’s start with a Mala necklace or bracelet. I have a bracelet and usually wear it, but for meditation you with hold your Mala in your right hand draped between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead, use your thumb to count each bead, pulling it towards you as you recite your mantra (if you choose to use one, which we will get to shortly). Do this 108 times traveling around the Mala. It’s your choice to use one or not, I’m a pretty fidgety person, so this will help with that.


Sandlewood Mala


Now, Mantra’s. These are words that help with what we feel we need in that moment. Here are a couple and feel free to use these if you’d like.

Mantra For Building Focus - I am Present, I am Here, I am Breath.

Mantra For Health And Wellness - I am Strong, I am Healthy, I am Whole.

Mantra For Positive Affirmation - I am Happy, I am Worthy, I am Capable.

Mantra For Morning - I am Energized, I am Focused.

So that’s just a few. Use them, don’t use them, it’s really up to you. If you do, then the whole mantra is said/thought for each bead of your Mala. That’s right, 108 times!

Next is a lit candle. This will give us something to focus on if you choose to keep your eyes open. Some of our brains go into overdrive the moment we close our eyes.



Next up is our breathing. We will use this breathing technique always with meditation. Everything else is optional. EXCEPT THIS! The breathing technique is the relaxation breath. It is a slow paced technique used to induce a state of deep relaxation and centeredness. It’s the simplest and easiest method. It focuses on matching the length and depth of the inhale to that of the exhale. Fill the belly on the inhale and empty the belly on the exhale.

There is also the choice of downloading a meditation guided imagery to music. There are so many online to choose from, but look at how long they are so you can pick and choose the length of time spent meditating. Download it to your phone or ipod (remember to turn your phone to silent/ do not disturb so you don’t so you won’t be bothered) an plug in those ear buds.Sometimes those little buds are a god send haha and works so well at blocking out all the noise in the house. Let’s face it... it’s usually our kids who will want something from us that’s probably not all that important that it can’t wait 10 minutes. If it is, well they can go to dad!! So ear buds in and crank up that volume! Here’s a link for a 10 minute forest walk and here’s a 3 minute waterfall meditation

Lastly, let’s find a spot. Somewhere quiet and comfortable and preferably somewhere with a door, maybe even a lock ;) ;)


A nice quiet pillowed corner

Now take a seat on the ground, on a bolster or pillow or even sitting upright in a chair, wherever and however you are comfortable. Sit tall and place your palms on your knees or folder in your lap. Relax your shoulders and close you eyes (if you are focus on a candle obviously keep them open haha). Let’s begin to focus on our breath, In and out through your nose, and bring together all the things you will be using and get started. If your mind starts to wander... remind yourself to breath in and out. Now when you are finished, don’t get up right away. Sit for one more minute and absorb what you just did, or if you said said a mantra, absorb it’s meaning. Then softly blink your eyes open and go take on the day!!

It sounds so easy when I put it like that haha. If you only make it a minute then so be it, try again later on in the day or tomorrow for 2 minutes. Remember its the journey getting there and discovering something new about yourself.

So let’s try and do this everyday around the same time for the next month and see what happens. We can post on the Facebook page for motivation, support and see what’s working for everyone else. Maybe you’ll try a bunch of different options on different days to see what works or maybe what someone else is doing might help someone else. I’m really hoping that this will become a habit for me since doing something for 21 days creates habitual tendencies. And let’s face it...if there’s ever something to strive to be good at, I’d want it to be this.

So cheers to you for even trying and I really do sincerely hope you attempt this challenge and not just read about. This can be truly life changing for some people.

Well moving onto food....


Food Glorious Food!

So this month I’m not really posting a recipe but sharing with you my most favorite product that I eat almost daily. I’m not sue how many of you are oatmeal fans, but if you are? Well... you’re gonna love this stuff! This my friends is Stoked Oats Oatmeal

Out of all of these awesome choices, The Bucking-Eh is my absolute fav. With currants, mulberries and apples, the mix is just too good. Best part....It’s Wheat, Rye and Barley Free. Yep that’s right folks, It’s gluten free! It’s also a quick oats, so no waiting over night for this :) Just boil the kettle, mix and eat! Easy peesy lemon squeezy I always add a bit of honey and some cinnamon ( I know I know it says on there it has cinnamon already but I love it so I add more) and sometimes I will add a teaspoon of dried cranberries. For those of you who love coffee and want a pick me up in the morning, try the Redline Oats. For the nut lovers try the Stone-age Oats. And lastly the chocolate lovers! They didn’t leave you out, the Aphrodisi-Oats are just for you! They are all so good

I love the simplicity of it and also that it good and quick. Plus’s a Canadian company!! Sadly you can’t just go anywhere to buy this stuff just yet but Nature’s Best in Barrie ( carries it and you can also order it online here . They also have a recipe spot on their website too in the company tab. Mmmmmmm..... Try it! You’ll love it!

So That concludes this month’s letter. I truly hope you all take on this challenge, I know I will be, and remember the Facebook page will be open for discussions, questions and motivation. You are also welcome to email or text me if you need anything. I’m more than happy to help if I can.

Well I hope to see everyone as soon as I get back! Classes will resume Monday July 11th, so book your classes!!! and try to stay moving while I’m away. Go back through the blog and do some poses from each month to keep moving. I hope to see you all soon



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