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Hi there, I'm so glad you stopped by!

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Shannon Hawman and I'm happily married to an amazing, supportive husband and a very proud mama of one beautiful, ambitious, busy, competitive dancing, little girl. I completely understand the crazy, hectic schedules everyone tends to carry. But we really do need to understand that taking a few moments to ourselves not only helps us, but also those we surround ourselves with.

I crashed upon this 'AH HA' moment about 10 years ago with my first at home yoga video. It took a few tries, I'll admit, to really start enjoying it. And over the last 10 years I learned a little something about Yoga and being 'good enough' as I am. And so, I began to untangle the puzzle of me through my yoga practice. Somewhere along the way I discovered my inner yogi and a love for all things yoga and decided it was time to start my YTT (yoga teacher training) journey in 2013. To date I have my Level 1 YogaFit, Kids YogaFit and also YogaFit for Warriors (PTSD, TBI) with plans to continue on with many more training's and certifications to help me continue being the best yoga teacher to you I can be.

After doing some local research I quickly realized that a small local studio would be of maximum benefit for both you and me, and so I decided 'Hey! What the heck!' And opened The Yoga Cottage in June 2014.

I must say though... The Yoga Cottage is not your typical yoga studio. We don't have 20+ people crammed in per class, our walls aren't plastered with floor to ceiling mirrors and you don't have to be afraid to not speak or ask questions in fear of ticking off the entire class. No way! Here you'll enjoy small classes of up to 10 people in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, receive posture adjustments if wanted and questions are also welcome. We are an easy going, light hearted yoga tribe here who love yoga and enjoy it a whole lot more when laughter is included.

If you don't enjoy and have fun with your workout, you won't be inclined to continue on with it.

You can find out more about the services I offer by clicking the services tab up top or you can contact me for more details, questions and concerns.

If you decide to stay awhile, poke around the site. You'll find my monthly blog, a few of my favorite things, some recipes and probably a good book here and there.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, take a seat and let's chat!

xo Shannon Hawman

P.S.- Just in case no one's told you today.. You are amazingly awesome!!

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